So, it’s been a long month, but I’m settled into Arizona. It’s weird waking up, looking in the mirror, and being able to say that this is my life now, on my own, on the other side of the country. I’ve done so many things I have never done before, such as file for insurance, pay rent, and make real financial decisions. In a way, I thought it would make me feel different, but really, I feel the same, just prouder and more confident in myself.

Transferring to the new store has been an experience. The new one has a lot of theft—we have stopped a few customers trying to steal a few thousands of dollars worth of random crap. Besides that, the business is much slower, but I’m enjoying myself, and making management glad they accepted me into their branch.

Living with Zach and Lizy has been fantastic. I missed these guys so much. Basically, it’s been a bunch of food runs, grocery store trips, and netflix binging.

Now, I was not prepared for how the transition would affect me physically. For the past month, since my brother left, I’ve been extremely lethargic—I still kind of am—and when I’m not doing something important (work, chores), I’m probably asleep. It’s been the main reason why I didn’t finish this page until just before posting. I’m noticing myself getting better and more awake, so hopefully it won’t get in my way anymore.

There’s a lot going on in my life, so I don’t know what to post here besides all that. I’m going to try to keep updates closer to the EST update schedule, but as a result, I can’t promise pages will go up at Midnight exactly.

See you all next week!