So, a lot has happened since last update—mainly on Thursday.

Thursday morning (11:00am-11:20am), I had a job interview for a very important company in Manhattan. I think it went well, but I can’t be completely certain. I hope I hear back from them soon. If I get this job, things will be looking up for me, and I may be on my way into true adulthood.

Right after that, I met a good friend of mine in the city, and we walked around until around 9pm. I don’t do much walking nowadays, so my legs have been killing me since (Even now, I’m still a little sore). We visited some comic shops, game shops, Games Workshop, and I managed to find a soda I was addicted to for about 2 weeks back in 2007 when I took a tour of Japan. Either way, I got some sun, some fresh air, and had a great time.

Not much else has been happening, though. I finished playing State of Decay (got my last achievement on Friday), and have been planning on finishing Dead Space 3 next (I actually haven’t played since right before I started posting comics up). My girlfriend won’t be here this weekend, so I think I can get some time in on DS3 before I have to help her move into her new house.

Anywho, I’ll leave you be, but before, know that we have just made a new tumblr page! I’m a little new to tumblr, so please bear with a premade theme for now, but I’m slowly going to be posting the pages until it’s up to date there. If you are a tumblr user, please, follow us.

Also, if you haven’t liked us on facebook, you should do that too.

Twitter will be coming soon.

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Like it, post it, share it, repost it, tumble it, whatever. Get the word out, because I can’t afford ads yet.

Have a good week!