Well, it seems we’ve come to the last update before my big gallery show! I’ll be doing the finishing touches on the site over the course of the week to prepare it for presenting on Saturday.

My Senior Project (this website) along with those of every other New Media Senior will be presented at my school’s Gallery, the Passage Gallery.

At the Gallery, you can see the website (oooh~), alongside a looping video of my Photoshop/Illustrator process, some concept artwork, and a list of hidden site features both present and pending.

So, if you are from New York or Connecticut, and near the White Plains, Westchester, or Port Chester area, please feel free to visit SUNY Purchase college on Saturday, April 13 between the hours of 3:00pm and 6:00pm for the grand opening of “Tyler Perry Presents: New Madea: Behind NME Lines.” You may even meet me in-person!

And yes, that is the real title of the show. You can even RSVP on Facebook!

Also, you may have noticed (or not noticed) a small change in quality of the comic since last week’s update. This is because I have recently changed my process to include Illustrator (Yay, learning curves!), and have progressed past most of my old buffer. From now on, the quality of the comic will be about on par with this page. Changes also include that I went out and took photos for the backgrounds of this page, rather than just using Google.

I am proud. Don’t take this from me.

See you at the gallery!