So, I know that I didn’t do a cover for issue 1. I had one drawn, but I didn’t like it enough to include it. Also, I feel like it is much more enjoyable to start where I did.

So, I have had the script for Morbid Mile Run written for a while. I was talking with a friend, and he gave me some good advice which demanded me to re-write tweak the first few pages, in order for the characters to feel consistent with the previous issue. Additionally, I need to tweak further, as some of it was written with a different update format in mind.

Anyway, I’m still excited to do this one. I really enjoyed writing it, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy reading.

As for my life, I’m trying to get my Driver’s License again. Yep. 22 and I still can’t drive. My permit expired over a year ago, so I’m going to go to the DMV tomorrow to re-take the test. Shouldn’t be hard at all.