With today’s comic, comes a bit of controversy. A lot of people probably won’t mind, but I do. Enough to post about it.

The description of Vetica being a punishment for suicide does not reflect on my feelings on the issue. I’m not trying to speak ill of the dead here—a person taking their own life is nothing less than a tragedy. Vetica, although it is my own creation, is not something I truly believe. I do not wish suffering on even my greatest enemies, no matter what they’ve done.

Less than a year ago a friend of a friend took his own life. I had met him only once at the mutual friend’s birthday. We played D&D 3.5 together, and if I recall, he played a Paladin. It was a silly One-shot run by my good friend Jake (who I consider somewhat of a co-writer on Waking Up Dead), and ended with us defeating the issue by lighting a fire at the mouth of the cave and suffocating half of the party. I digress; even though I barely knew the guy, I was very affected by his death for some time after I got the news. I even considered throwing out this whole comic because of the tone of which it treats suicide. I felt horrible that my own creation would condemn someone who made such a mistake as he did.

I have a philosophy: if you can’t laugh at it, it wins. Meaning, if you can’t make lighthearted jokes about any tragedy, disease, or pretty much anything bad, that thing has its hold on you and you can never truly move on. This is a philosophy that shows up a lot in comedy—and gets a lot of flack. It has even gotten me in a lot of trouble in the past from bloggers, survivors, and even my family. Hell, people have even un-friended me on Social Media for arguing that “nothing is taboo in comedy.” I feel like even though I’m not trying to make fun of suicide here (this page isn’t going out of its way supposed to make you laugh) the philosophy applies.

I just wanted to get out that I feel nothing but sadness for those who have taken their own lives. Even though Stranger has explained that in the Waking Up Dead universe, they are punished severely, I do not believe or feel that should be the case. If you are offended, forgive me, I am using suicide as a plot-device, and this will be a major theme in Waking Up Dead. I hope this does not deter anyone from reading, because it is pivotal to the plot that suicide be a theme.

I’ve got a lot to do and need to be up early. Thank you for reading this. I had to get it off of my chest.

(Now, for an awkward shift in tone…)
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