NOTE: The above comic is the second page of the comic. Please read the first for proper enjoyment of the comic.

Welcome, to the world of “Waking up Dead!”

This is my first real shot at a webcomic, so bear with me. Things on the site and in the archive will be constantly shifting at this time, so bear with me while we begin to shift into gear.

To start you off, and give you a better feel for the comic than the cryptic first page, the first three pages have been put up for your enjoyment.

Now, it should also be noted that this webcomic is, in addition to something I would like to do, the final project of my Academic Career. I shall include in these posts a general update on my progress with getting my project up in order, updating the comic, and what-not.

This little blurb here will primarily be used as a blog, but may serve additional purposes down the line.