Well, looks like we’re winding down on Issue 1 of Waking Up Dead. We have 2 more updates left.

I’m really excited to work on it. I’ve been spending a lot of time introducing these characters to you and letting you in on their life—I’m excited to start showing them in action. And that is what Issue 2 is.

Anyway, I’m actually on time with this page. I kind of slacked off on the shading by putting them in the closet, but I’m happy.

I’ve been re-playing Fable 3 a lot lately, ever since it went free to download on Xbox Live. Now, I don’t have a Gold account, so I have been playing it on my already-obtained disc, but I’m enjoying myself. I finally got all of the collection quest achievements. I now only need the ones that require online play, but I have a trial card for that.

Anyway, I have comic to draw. See you all next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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