Hey everyone! I’m sorry for the late update. I know it’s not a big page, but a lot has been going on, and I really couldn’t put the page up on time.

So, really all that’s new is that I need a job badly. I just need some inflow of money, really.

See, my plan for my future is to build a portfolio of silly videos and hone my web development skills for about a year. Once I have some work I’m proud of, I’m going to apply around to Comedy Central, Rooster Teeth, and any other place I can find across the country that is built around producing content for a wide audience. Rooster Teeth is my main goal, but I have a long way to go before I can apply there.

The problem is, I need a good camera. I need equipment, I need to learn how to use a green screen—I have a lot to do, and I need some money to do it. Also, I’d like to move out of my parent’s place, because if I stay here too much longer, I feel like I may need to be institutionalized.

Anyway, you may have noticed that this week’s page says “To Be Continued!” That’s right, we have finished Issue 1! And technically, I haven’t missed a week (albeit I’ve updated somewhat late on occasion, but whatever). I’m proud.

Now, we get into the fun stuff! I’ve had issue two written for quite some time now, and I’ve been itching to actually draw it. I’m actually really excited to see Will in action.

Anyway, I promise you guys I won’t update late next week with the cover. I’m stoked!

Have a good week! And for those of you in the States, have a great 4th of July… Well, the day doesn’t have as much significance, but I guess people outside of the US can enjoy it too…

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