Today is the last day of the semester for everyone but myself. I’ve been working my ass off all week—hence why the comic is about 7 hours late… I was only able to work on it after 1:00 am.

That said, despite feeling like I rushed myself, I’m not ashamed of how this came out. I really wish I could draw backgrounds, though.

I finally got my thesis to a point where I feel it’s complete. It’s an analytic paper on Webcomics and their effect on the whole of Comics, with a little webcomic history thrown in. Fun to write, kind of became a love-letter to webcomics. I also had to read the current Hawkeye run ala Matt Fraction and David Aja for research, so you know I enjoyed that.

Anyway, I have more work to do, and have to handle Paleolithic weapons in 3 hours for my last class of college. Pretty awesome that the last thing I actually have to do for college is fire a bow.

I’m likely going to sleep all day after that. I think I deserve the for being the first of my namesake to graduate college.

I’ve got nothing to do all week, so I’ll get in some work on a new buffer. I won’t be tardy with an update next Tuesday.