Hello, and welcome to the last filler page of the hiatus! On Tuesday, I’ll return to the regularly scheduled comic!

Anywho, with this update, we’ll take a look at Sasha, WuD’s resident girl and not-lesbian. Now, she isn’t the only female character that WuD will have, but for now, she is alone in that regard. I apologize, female readers.

Anyway. Sasha was always planned to be an integral part of WuD. However, when I began, I didn’t have a design until around last minute. When I designed her, Sasha looked a little more like how she appears in the first image.

When I got to the point of needing to draw her, however, I did a slight re-design. Not much, but I simplified her a bit, and got a better feel for drawing her. However, over the course of her three appearances, Sasha has changed a bit. For one, she has become a little curvier, and her face became a little more round. I made her eyes a bit bigger when I drew her, because I felt like it made her look cuter.

Now, for some reason when writing everything out, I decided I didn’t want Sasha to be… well… White. All of my characters are white as snow, and I felt like I needed someone—someone integral—to add some diversity to my cast. Sasha is supposed to be Israeli. I don’t feel like I’m revealing anything by establishing that now with you all. Sasha has a lot of back story, and I can’t wait to slowly reveal it to you all.

Anyway, the comic will begin again on Tuesday. Thank you all for putting up with the filler weeks. I’ve developed a bit of a buffer (and still am working), so I think we’ll be good into the new year. I’ve also done a bit of work on the script, so the issue will be a bit longer than originally anticipated. I think you’ll enjoy it.

I’ll see you on Tuesday!