Update 3 of the hiatus!

If you are confused as to where the comic is this Friday, please refer to this blog post for answers.

I need to mention that I’m still working on pages during the hiatus. I have two in photoshop right now, and I’m going to spend the actual holidays working, so hopefully that new buffer will help me out.

Anywho, here is the coup de grace of the evolutions: Shirtless Steve! Steve is, at this point, the longest standing character. Directly lifted (conceptually) from Life With Death, Steve is the essential best friend. Originally in LwD, his concept was to have been a closeted nudist, who only went shirtless in public (as it is more socially acceptable).

As you can see with the 2007-2009 version, there is a lot of my writer in the design. The first noticeable thing is that my style was far more cartoony at that point. Next, Steve had a chest tattoo of a tie. Was it ever directly addressed by the characters? Nope. To explain this further, allow me to direct your attention to the third page (and last page completed) of LwD included in the post (to show old Steve in action). The punchline is that Steve’s nipple winks. Why? My writer didn’t understand the nuances of non sequitur and comedy. Was it good writing? There are multiple reasons why I walked away from the project.

Anyway, moving forward, when I was working on Waking Up Dead’s character designs in 2011, I decided to recycle a few characters from LwD. Shirtless Steve was, by my opinion, the perfect roommate, so I included him in the cast. I removed the tie from his design, added some chest hair, and gave him a new hairstyle. My design became a bit more realistic, as WuD has a certain style to it. At this point, however, his nipples were unusually high on his chest.

When put into the comics, eventually I fixed his nipple heights, and I made him a little more muscular. If you live every day showing your skin, you might as well try to keep in shape. I got better at drawing muscles as I went, and now, Steve is what he is today.

As for his back story, I changed it a bit. Steve is no longer a nudist; he simply is against wearing shirts. Next, I added that Steve is going through Law School. I even gave him a last name, “Matthews.” His attitude stayed relaxed, but a bit more serious than his previous incarnation.

As with every character, Steve has his own motivations, and experiences. There is a reason Steve is willing to stick his neck out for Will. This will be revealed over time, and Steve will grow as a character. I hope you stick with us to see how Steve will grow over the course of the story.

OKAY, SO I have no idea what to do for Friday’s update. SO, I ask that you go into the comments, or onto the Facebook page, and tell me what about the comic you’d like me to go into detail about.

Anyway, everyone who subscribes to it, have a Merry Christmas. I’ll be enjoying my days off with my family.