Update 2 of the hiatus!

If you are confused as to where the comic is this Friday, please refer to this blog post for answers.

While not as interesting as Will’s evolution, Stranger has a lot of key changes that should be addressed.

First, Stranger replaces a more stereotypical death which was in the cast of “Life with Death,” as a more interesting interpretation. His original concept comes from a short story I wrote back in 2008, “Sunday Best”. For some reason, Stranger’s first line in the story (even as my own writing) stuck with me, and I knew I had to revisit him eventually. When “Life with Death” failed, and I decided to create a new series, I found my opportunity.

Well, when it came to designing Stranger, I didn’t have much to work with. I had never drawn a suit before, and so my 2011 concept of him was born. It was kind of boring to me, which led to a redesign. It just wasn’t interesting enough. Additionally, you can note that the shadow on his face was much more distinct.

At this point, I had no idea how to draw fedoras.

In 2012, while waiting for a friend’s train, I decided to re-draw Stranger in my moleskin. What you see (more slender, jagged, and generally more cartoony) there is what I ran with at the start of the series. The current incarnation of stranger is still pretty faithful to this. I also did not know how to draw fedoras still, so I drew him hatless.

In 2013, we saw Stranger in action for the first time. He stayed pretty much the same, except that his shoulders became more distinct. The shadow on his face shrank, becoming a much more silly look, but generally, I prefer how it looks. Additionally, I finally figured out how to draw fedoras!

Now, like Will, I have a lot written for Stranger’s persona, his back story, and the direction he is going. Stranger is one of the more interesting characters in the main cast (including characters who you have yet to meet). Hell, I have a huge word doc written about Stranger’s origin, as well as his true name and age. I hope you stay with us to find out everything I’m planned to tell you about Death himself.

I’ll see you on Tuesday with details on Shirtless Steve!