So, today marks the first technically missed update. Sorry, everyone.

If you are confused, please refer to this blog post for answers.

Anyway, let me get into talking about the design of Will.

A lot of Waking Up Dead is recycled from a failed comic idea circa 2010 called “Life with Death,” in which protagonist Tim somehow becomes roommates with the grim reaper. I say “somehow” because that was never written, as the comic was kind of a half-baked idea. I was working under a writer, and he never really wrote the comic. Eventually, LwD was scrapped, but I had a bunch of great ideas that my writer had liked and disliked which were just gathering dust.

When I eventually recycled some concepts into WuD, Tim was replaced by a character named “Brian” at the time. Brian was identical to Will—eventually I just decided that the name didn’t fit, and spent a good hour writing new names until I came up with one I liked. Thus, Brian became Will.

Will went through a few incarnations, as seen in the 2011 concept sketch. Even the more recent 2012 design and earlier comic appearances look different compared to the character you see in more recent pages.

What happened as far as the re-design was this: I sat down to draw the first page, and looked at the design of Will I had. I kind of stared at it for a minute and realized he looked WAY too sad. Like, he just looked pitiful. I wanted a character who gets dumped on a lot, but I didn’t want people to feel sorry for him. So, I designed a happier looking character, as seen in the 2012 designs. I even designed his “Death Mode” as seen in issue 2.

Will has a lot of back story, but I’m going to stay away from telling you that here. I tend to write huge biographies about my characters. Will is no exception. Stay tuned, and you will find out everything you could possibly wish to know about Will. For now, just know that I know the answers to any question you might have about Will—his family relationship, what happened to him in his childhood, his fears, what his Phylactery is going to be, and even how he actually died.

I can’t wait to reveal all of the above to you guys.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Friday to talk about Stranger and his evolution as a character.