You know what I didn’t miss? Spending 6 hours straight working on the comic because I don’t have any pages in reserve. It’s rather stressful.

I enjoy this page a lot. For one, there is another reference to Ludo (I promise, I’ll make less Ludo references in the future. Just remember that this is still day 2 chronologically, so it’s still a factor).

Next, I reference another musician, City and Colour here. City and Colour is the solo-project of Dallas Green, former clean vocalist/guitarist of the band Alexisonfire (pronounced, “Alexis on Fire,” not “Alex is on Fire.” This is a common argument between fans and people who think they’re fans, and I have actually personally asked them about it. They admitted it was their blunder for not including spaces). in 2011, Dallas actually quit Alexisonfire to work on City and Colour, which was one of the main factors leading to the disbanding of AoF. Now, I still love City and Colour dearly, but Alexisonfire is one of my favorite bands of all time. I often wear my AoF shirt, and have tried to see them multiple times. Twice, I was unable to due to acts of god.

The first time, one band member was going through throat surgery, so while they were in town, they weren’t playing. I said hi, got some signatures, and parted ways. At the last Warped Tour I went to, they were playing, but were the first to go on. By the time anyone had shown up, their set was over, and I had missed it. They admitted it was a bad set anyway, but I still wish I’d been able to see them play.

I am still bitter over the fact that AoF’s farewell tour in 2012 never went through the US, as they’re a Canadian band. I still think that’s a load of crap, as they have a huge US following, and even went through the UK, Australia, and Brazil, so there was no excuse to not drop by at least NYC.

Hopefully someday AoF will get back together for a even a few shows (hell, Finch and even Refused did), and if they ever do, you know if I have the money, I will go wherever I need to to see them. For now, however, I’ll keep on enjoying City and Colour, and listening to Crisis, one of my favorite albums of all time.

Anyway, yesterday was Thanksgiving (for those of you in America)! Hope you all enjoyed your Turkey and family stuff. Today I was able to see my baby cousin for the first time since he was an infant. The kid’s adorable, and obsessed with his superhero toys (Batman/”Bat-Bat” and Superman/”Supah”). Kind of hoping he doesn’t lose interest in superheroes, so maybe someday I’ll have a relative who won’t look at me like I’m an alien when I talk about Spider-Man unwarranted.

Besides that, I’m dreading work at noon. I’ve worked Black Friday before, but never at a store that actually had a Black Friday sale. In 2010, I worked for Gamestop, but they never have anything interesting going on. Hell, that wasn’t even close to the worst day my Gamestop had that season.

After I get out of work, Jake and I are going to hang out. First off, he owes me a really hard punch for all the shit that happened last week, what with the suicide stuff (we’ve agreed that my face is off limits, since I have work on Saturday). After I recover from that, we’re also going to go see Thor, so there’s that! It’ll be good to see him during his break.

Erin is sick, so she couldn’t do anything on Thanksgiving, but we’re planning on going bowling on Saturday. Hopefully she’s feeling up to it.

Well, I really don’t have much else to say. I’m going to go help myself to some Thanksgiving Leftovers, since our my family had Dinner at 2pm, and I haven’t eaten since. See you all on Tuesday for another comic!