Damn, I really need my buffer back. If you haven’t noticed, the comic is late again. I was held back an hour at work, and so I’m only getting to posting now. If you don’t follow our Twitter (what’s wrong with you?), I was working on this page between shifts at work. I had to play schedule roulette with a few other employees to get Tuesday and Wednesday off, so I ended up taking two Monday shifts, with a 2.5 hour break between. I tweeted an image of my screen, among the break room (and some Baja Fresh stuff). Had a productive day considering.

Anyway, onto the comic stuff.

I must admit, while drawing this page, I kind of gave up trying to draw Will bumping into Steve. It’s difficult to draw, and I couldn’t figure out how to do it without giving away the final panel reveal. I got lazy. It happens.

Not much is going on in my life beyond the work stuff. I saw Thor 2 with my pal Jake on Friday. I have my complaints (mainly over Natalie Portman’s character’s uselessness and crappy role in the plot), but I enjoyed the film a lot despite.

On Saturday Erin and I went bowling. Me bowling is kind of a disaster. I tend to start out strong, then end with a score in the high sixties on a good game. However, we had fun with it. Around midway through game 3, I gave up scoring, and just ended up trying to make an ass of myself to get laughs. Generally this involves shouting loudly, running with arms flailing, and somehow ending up on my ass two feet into the lane. Oddly enough, when I started doing this, my score increased…

Anywho, I’m going to let you get back to your lives. Try to survive long enough to see Friday’s update! See you then!