A gradient background is an easy background!

Hello, and welcome to this Tuesday’s Waking Up Dead update! I actually really enjoyed drawing this page. Only whilst working on it did I realize how badass Will is in this page. He grabbed death by the collar. Awesome.

Anyway, as for my life, not much is going on. I did some Christmas shopping over the weekend, and ended up spending almost all my money on gifts. I have a source of income, and I generally love to buy gifts for friends. I kind of go overboard, though. Luckily, Thinkgeek (where I do all my holiday/gift shopping) was having a no-shipping sale over the weekend, so I saved a few bucks.

As for the chemistry of my mind, I think the meds are working. I feel relaxed in a way that’s kind of alien to me. Kind of like I’m one with my surroundings. At times I feel like I am all over the place, but generally, I don’t have the impending feeling of dread that I usually do. I think that’s a win.

Anyway, I’m going to call it a night and end the blog post here. Tune in on Friday for more Waking Up Dead!