Welcome, friends, to Page 7 of Waking Up Dead! Or, rather, page 6.5. To be honest, this actually was part of page 6 in the script. However, I decided to split it into two pages for a few reasons:

1. Laziness!
2. There was a LOT of dialogue. If I had kept it as one page, it would have been a WALL of text, and the art would have suffered.
3. I’ve been struggling with getting comics out on time lately, and, by splitting this page, I could work on two smaller pages over the course of a week, over one very intense page for one update.

Anyway, while you are a week further from issue 4, you get another page of issue 3, so it’s win-win.

As for the writing, I had a moment when I got to the script for this page where I realized I had a conundrum: Will is trying to prove the itinerary can be wrong, and Stranger is defending it can’t. However, Will needs to defy the itinerary in this issue. It took a bit of thinking, and I managed to explain my own plot hole, to the point where it made sense. Writing!

On the personal front, I really don’t have much going on. Frank cancelled for this week (he’s doing a lecture in London!), and I’ve been working a lot, and Erin is in Connecticut until later tonight. We’re going to see the Hobbit on Saturday, so there’s that to look forward to.

Right now, I’m a little tired. I’m going to relax and maybe watch some Seinfeld. See you all on Tuesday!