The Triumphant Return! We’re back, baby!

Alright, I feel the need to apologize again for the break from updates. I managed to get a few pages done in the time we were off the air, and now, I’ll be able to work a little more relaxed on making the comic. I still need to get a few more pages done (and continue adding to that buffer), but for now, I can update without worry.

This page isn’t much, to be honest. Not really an amazing page to return on, but it sets up for the rest of the issue. Can you say “Subplots?” I can. This issue has a lot going on at once, so I hope you can keep up!

Which reminds me, during the break, I managed to amend the script a bit, and I added ANOTHER subplot to the issue. It’s only about 6 pages long, scattered throughout, but it fits seamlessly, and really improves upon what I originally had. I feel like you’ll like it a lot, because I sure as hell am proud of it.

My Holiday was pretty busy. I worked a lot, really. However, in that time, I also got paid a lot. I have more money saved up now than I’ve had in years, and for that, I’m really proud. However, more money is always good, so, feel free to click the “Buy Me Dinner” button to donate a few bucks. I mean, it’s the holidays, guys.

Right now, I’m saving up so that I have enough spare cash to buy some film equipment so I can expand my portfolio to present future potential employers. I want to work in post-production (or doing anything for Rooster Teeth), so I really need to make more content that displays my skills in that regard. At this point, with as much cash as I have, this seems like it may be a possibility a little down the line. Here’s hoping!

Anyway, I think that’s all I’ve got for you today. Come back Friday, where we start cutting into the real meat of issue 3. See you then!

Oh, and have a Happy New Year!