So, by my count, this is the only page of Waking Up Dead to feature Steve without Will. This has got to be one of my favorite pages thus far.

Additionally, this page by far took the longest of any other page I’ve done on the comic. Mainly, this is because of all the people I drew in the background.

Anyway, things have been pretty good. I had a New Year’s Eve party on Tuesday. 8 of my friends came over (most were dressed up in suits or dresses) and we hung out until around midnight. I wore a suit and top hat. Unfortunately, the fake mustaches only came in the mail yesterday, so we weren’t able to be as fancy as we could have been.

I’d never really organized a party before, so surprisingly it was a success. Everyone had a really good time.

Nothing really has happened since then. I have an assignment from Frank for his website, but that isn’t too difficult.

I think that’s all to talk about. I’ll see you guys on Tuesday. Hope 2014 is treating you well so far!