Not much to say this week.

On a whim, I decided to throw a Saosin Shirt onto Will in this page. Saosin is a band I’ve loved for a long time, and holds a special place in my heart. In 2009, I saw them at Warped Tour and I managed to get a legitimate free copy of their second studio album, “In search of Solid Ground” when I bought a T-Shirt. It’s really a great album, and I highly recommend checking it out.. They’ve has gone through some major changes in their lineup over the years. Last I checked, they were on hiatus, as they didn’t have a lead singer, but I haven’t been following them that closely.

So, this weekend wasn’t really anything that special. Not much happened. However, there may be some big news about the site itself. Things are still uncertain, know that I’ll let you guys know when and if it happens.

I’ll see you on Friday. Enjoy your midweek.