So, that is a forklift. I know, I know, I can’t draw vehicles. Whatever.

Oddly enough, I was watching an episode of @midnight with Kyle Kinane in it while shading this page. If you don’t remember who Kyle Kinane is, he’s the inspiration for Gary’s character.

Anyway, this week was a mess. On Tuesday, I went into the city to Frank’s studio. However, for one, it was raining. Next, Frank’s moved since my last visit, and the new studio is far from any public transportation, so I arrived about 2 hours late to the studio. When I arrived, I was told that he has yet to install internet, so naturally as the web developer, I was put in charge of putting together the Ikea Furniture that arrived. Web developed the crap out of those chairs and table.

Also, I got to meet some fine fellows from Lagoa. I’ve been working with their API on Frank’s webstore, so it was great to talk to them. I seriously recommend checking out their sample embeds, even if you don’t do anything with 3D graphics, because that stuff is unbelievable. Seriously, I have even seen the code, and half of it might as well just be magic. I am pretty sure one line of code simply sends out a request for personal audience with Asmodeus to get it to work.

Wednesday, my stomach became ill, and has yet to really recover. Now, I’m not going to go into detail about my medical history, but my pal Peet over at is focusing on this issue recently, so you might want to check that out (WARNING: his comic is pretty NSFW. You have been warned).

Anyway, Saturday is my birthday. Erin is sick, so we’re not doing anything this weekend, and I’m working Saturday night. Sunday I have plans with my family.

Anyway, I’m just going to enjoy my day off today. I’ll see you all on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend!