Surprise! Miss me? You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging this weekend, did you?

I often get ignored in conversations, especially when in groups. People tend to try to walk over me. In the past, my strategy of dealing with it was to say exactly what Sasha says in panel 3, but lately I’ve just taken to just making loud outbursts and yelling at the person for ditching me mid conversation. Sometimes with insults.

I am a good friend.

Also, I kind of gave up midway through the backgrounds on this page. Sorry about that. I gave you a late update instead of none at all—cut me some slack!

Anyway, sorry for the late update. I’ve been feeling nauseated constantly for the past week, and Wednesday night, I wasn’t feeling up to starting a page. That, mixed with Fable Anniversary and Pokémon bank coming out, and I was just completely out of commission. Then, on Thursday, I had an awful busy day at work. Mix that with the nausea, and I just did not want to do anything when I got home.

See, I was scheduled to work 11-3. Come 2:45, we realized that someone was not coming in for their shift (they never called in to warn us, by the way), and they ended up needing me until ~6. While I got some extra money (which I need), that really bothered me, especially since I was doubled over in pain/nausea the whole shift. I’m a good employee.

And here we are. Now, the comic is up, and I can kind of rest.

Don’t worry, I’m going to a doctor on Monday for a Sonogram, so I’ll nip this in the bud ASAP. No more late/missed updates. In the meantime, I have some work I need to do for Frank.

I’ll see you all on Tuesday. Thanks for being patient!