Oh hey, another late update!

Well, this one has more of an excuse.

Well, I had an endoscopy this morning. Good news! I don’t have an ulcer. The cause of my nausea is likely my meds. See, I’m on Escitalopram, or Generic Lexapro. One of the side-effects is nausea. I’m a little confused as to why it took 2 months for this to start showing, but luckily I can take something to fight the nausea. Yay chemical cocktails!

Once I got home from the Gastro, I took a little nappy-poo. Was still really messed up from the anesthesia, as per my tweet. After about an hour or two, I had to help take my dog, Teddy, to the vet. This morning, he slipped on some ice and tore his nail out, and was bleeding pretty badly. After about an hour and a half at the vet, Teddy walked out in a cast, and I returned home.

Then, I did some work for Frank until 6:30. At this point, I hadn’t scanned the drawn page. Hence my lateness, as I still had some distractions as I worked.

BUT I love you guys, so I did not want to deny you an extra day without comic, as I did over the weekend.

Nothing else is really worth mentioning. We’re about 12 (damn!) pages away from issue 4, which is a good one. Thus far, I’m having fun working on issue 3. However, I need to get to writing issue 5, because, beyond the 2-sentance pitches I have written, I have nothing done for anything beyond Issue 4. I haven’t written a new script since the summer…

Anyway, come back on Friday, for an on-time update. See you then!

I’m doing this edit so I can get a Reddit flair. My reddit name is Kyhan, the same as my post username. There you go. Approve me.