I’m going to try and be brief here, because I just got Dark Souls II today, and I’ve been itching to play it.

Welcome to Year 2 of Waking Up Dead! I have a lot in store for you guys, but first, we need to finish off Issue 3. Luckily, we’re on the last few pages! At this point, I’m in dire need to start writing Issue 5. I know what will happen in it, I just need to actually script it out. I also should work on that Bonus Page I keep talking about, so all of you who are following the secret messages can finally see your additional content.

Issue 4 is going to be a big one. At this point, the script calls for 39 pages, meaning Issue 4 should run well into August. I’m starting to think that I should figure out some sort of email newsletter that sends out an email each time I finish an issue, so if you’d prefer to enjoy WuD by the issue (rather than by the page), you’ll be able to read them in their entirety. My manager was explaining that the daily updates were the only thing turning him off to reading it, so that would work in his favor.

Given, I wish I could go to the original plan of updating with a full issue at the beginning of each month, but at this point that’s too much work.

Anyway, I got Dark Souls II: Collector Edition today, and I’m stoked to finally play it. I’ve been anticipating it since I beat Fable: Anniversary. For those of you who have never tried Dark Souls, I recommend you do. The only way I could possibly describe this game to you is by sharing this video. He seriously hits on every point of the game that I love. Just watching that makes me want to revisit it, but I have a new game to explore!

I’ll see you all on Tuesday. I assure you, I won’t go hollow and forget about WuD.