Welp, here’s the cover for Issue 3, Grave Sense of Normalcy!

Now, it’s no secret that I’m colorblind. While I was getting colors from the last cover image, I couldn’t help but notice that Will’s hair looked a little off to me. With a second glance, I wasn’t sure if the original image was more of a hazel than it was a brown, so I kind of tweaked it to a duller brown, one I’m a bit more certain of.

Now, it should be noted that Issue 3 takes place almost immediately after Issue 2. These events are happening on the same day. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have some fun.

So, recently I made a Reddit account. Mainly to advertise for WuD for free. Lately it’s been working; I’ve been getting over 50 views on update days, as opposed to the usual 14 or so. The other day, I posted into r/askreddit, and spoke about a thing I suffer from called Visual Snow (click this link, and you can read the post). WELL, it exploded. I spent a few hours at a time answering questions, and apparently, I’m not alone. HOWEVER, I went back and added a link to WuD because I saw an opportunity.

That was Saturday. I added the link around 7:00. At midnight, I checked our site traffic for Saturday. 216 individual users, all unique. That was the most views I’d ever had in a single day. Well, not for long, because Sunday, I had 236 individual users reading… And at this point, the post is buried a lot. I’m excited to see the visits for Monday, and even more so for Today’s update.

Other than all of that, nothing has been going on. My friend’s concert was awesome, and I had a blast seeing everyone at Purchase. I really like visiting. Seriously, you should buy his EP.

Oh! I got Polar Bear Club’s album, Death Chorus early! My preorder bundle came on Saturday. The album is great. You can stream the whole thing here.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter via the bar at the top of the page. I’ll see you all on Friday!