Wow, I feel like this is the most detailed page that I’ve done thus far. I think the animation had to have taken more time than anything else on it.

So you may notice that there is a weird narration-type thing in the page. Those are song lyrics. Allow me to elaborate: A recurring element in WuD is going to be music—specifically music I like that I feel doesn’t get enough press. Ludo, one of my favorite bands, is somewhat unknown, so I contacted them recently and asked if I could use lyrics and merchandise imagery in the comic. They loved the idea. I’m going to do this with a bunch of bands. Polar Bear Club (my favorite band that you probably have never heard of) is going to be included in this list.

This update’s song, as mentioned in the page itself, is “Too Tired to Wink” by Ludo, off of their third full-length album Prepare the Preparations.

Speaking of Polar Bear Club, they recently released a new single, “Blood Balloon” from their upcoming album. A lot of people are complaining that it sounds so different than their previous things, but I love it. I really can’t dislike anything they create. Here is a link so you can preorder their upcoming album, Death Chorus. Hell, buy 3!

In other news, I recently obtained a Gold Account to Xbox Live, and have been playing a lot of Ricochet, the new gametype in Halo 4 via the Champions Bundle DLC. It’s really fun. I often forget my skill level in Halo, and over the course of 3 or 4 sittings, managed to get all of the new Achievements. I’ve kind of gotten to the point where I’ve promoted myself to my highest level of incompetence, so I don’t win as much as I used to.

Ooh, I have made a Linkedin account! If you want to check out all of my skills and stuff (or are a prospective employer seeking my skillset) you can click the link located in the menu bar.

Also, I may have a big announcement to make about the comic. I need to do some testing, so it may be some time before I make any final decisions, so you may want to stay tuned to the WuD Facebook and Twitter.

I can’t think of much else to talk about, so I’mma le’choo you go. I’ll see you around!