So, not much has gone on in the past week’s time. I’ve applied to a few places for work, and I’ve been working on the comic primarily.

In news not pertinent to anything WuD related, my anticipation for the new Pokémon games (X/Y) is growing by the day. As a result of my excitement, I’ve started going back in my old games and have made a list of the legendary Pokémon I never caught, with the intention to catch them, and trade them up, so that when I get X, I can trade them over. Despite my distaste for using legendries, I have been trying to get optimal stats for them as well, simply because I’m anal like that.

Other than that, my friends from College are urging me to visit them late Semptember/early October. I’m figuring that situation out now, but hopefully, I’ll be able to see all of my favorite people at SUNY Purchase come the end of the month.

On the subject of the comic, I still am not ready to announce anything just yet (I’m still testing things out in the background), but if you have been paying attention to the Twitter feed, you will note that I am trying out a new workflow schedule. I’m trying to work on the comic a little each day, with the hopes of separating each page into 3 days of work:

Day 1 – Drawing/scanning/doing the lineart in Photoshop.
Day 2 – Touch up the line work/color/add text and bubbles in Illustrator.
Day 3 – Add shading/backgrounds/MISC work in Photoshop.

I used to work mostly in one day periods, which could have gone up to 9 hours on a single page. At this point, I can work about 3 hours a day, which could potentially fit alongside work schedule at a future job (working a few hours after I get home). Either way, by having myself work each day, I can get my pages done consistently, on time, and I can potentially increase my output. Also, when I’m working on the comic, things tend to snowball, and I end up doing more work than I anticipated. It’s a good thing when it happens.

In fact, using this schedule, I managed to get the above comic completed and uploaded mid-afternoon on Thursday.

Lastly, I managed to install a Paypal Donation button to the site. While it may read “Buy Me Dinner,” proceeds will go to site upkeep. The goal would be to completely fund WuD on its own, with no support money coming from my pocket. It will be a while to get to that point, but it is a goal. I don’t intend WuD to be my primary source of income, but it would be nice to do it for free.

Anywho, I’ll see you next week. Stay Classy!