Just to remind everyone, starting this week week, Waking Up Dead will be updating on Tuesdays and Fridays!

Meaning if you come back here on Friday,there will be more content to view.

This page in particular is one I enjoyed making. I love the dialogue, and it went through a couple of phases. For one, the shorter character did not have any dialogue in panels 2 through 4. It was a last minute addition that I feel gives more depth to his personality. Additionally, the bigger character’s line went through a couple of re-writes. I feel I went with the best choice of everything I had written. I’m very proud of how this page came out.

Lately I’ve been a little burnt out, having done so much work on WuD. I managed to pump out two pages early last week (around Thursday), so I took the weekend off. I won’t have put any dents in my buffer, however, I admit, I totally could have added another page to it. I’ve just had so little free time between pages, that I wanted to just relax for a few days before I get back to work. I’m going to pick up working today, and keep up the flow, so not to lose my buffer.

Other than that, everything has been the same as it ever was.

I finally (on Friday) watched the series finale of Dexter. I have to say, I am torn between the conflicting emotions of having enjoyed it as a bittersweet end to the tale, and absolutely hating it because of how poorly it was executed. I’ll try not to spoil anything, but there was a major callback to the first season in terms of resolution—which was enjoyable. Personally, I didn’t dislike anything they did as much as I disliked how they did it.

Halfway through the final episode, it just feels as though they forgot it was the final episode. As a result, the last half is very fast-paced, a little haphazardly written, and very implausible. It’s like they tried to cram two episodes worth of content/resolution into one episode—everyone I’ve discussed this with agrees, they should have cut it into two episodes, and given the grand conclusion much more of a focus. Too much happens in too little time, to the point where everything feels like the resolutions are being held together by cheap duct-tape. Being a longtime fan of the series, it’s kind of disappointing. I’d have enjoyed everything playing out exactly as it did, if only the pacing were fixed.

Other than that, I have yet to watch the series finale of Breaking Bad. I’ll likely get to that on Thursday or Friday, when Erin and I can sit down to watch it. I’ll try to shoot for Thursday night, so I can write a quick blog post here discussing it briefly.

I’ll see you guys on Friday with our first Friday update. Have a good two days!