Welcome to the first Friday update of Waking Up Dead! Nothing is really different from Tuesday updates, except for the fact that it isn’t Tuesday. I made it that way so you guys could adjust easier. You’re welcome.

This page features lyrics from one of my favorite songs by Polar Bear Club, “Bottled Wind” off of the album Clash Battle Guilt Pride. There was a verse between the lyrics I used in the first and second panels, but I feel the lyrics I did include worked really well with the scene.

I’ve been listening to PBC since about 2008. I didn’t really enjoy them at first, but one night, I was having a rough time. My best friend and I at the time had a huge fight, I was single, and was generally miserable. My brother gave me their EP, The Redder the Better and told me to listen to it. I listened to “Parked in the Parking Lot of Your Heart” for about 4 hours that night. Since then, I’ve seen them twice in concert. I actually saw them play “Bottled Wind” on the Take Action Tour, about 6 months before the album came out.

The best PBC show I’ve been to had to have been in Amityville. Their album had just come out, and they were playing a show at Broadway Bar out on Long Island, October 25, my brother’s 23rd Birthday. There were less than 100 people at the show, and I was able to meet the band. It was surreal. I bought a copy of Clash, and asked the band to sign it (as I often do at shows). They started thanking me for that. It was surreal. During their set, my glasses got knocked back stage, and my brother had to sneak behind the amps to get them. You can actually see it happen in this video of the set (watch to the left of Jimmy).

Anyway, Polar Bear Club has a new album coming out in November, Death Chorus. You can pre-order it from that link. I’ve written about their single, “Blood Balloon” here before.

So what are you waiting for? Check them out!

Well, I wasn’t able to see the end of Breaking Bad yet (Erin and I couldn’t get together this week), BUT, I still have stuff to talk about!

In the gaming department, a lot of information has leaked about the new Pokémon games (X and Y version). Stores in Canada, Australia, and a few stateside have broken the street date and began selling the games. As such, very few players have taken to the internet, showing spoilers of the game. Nintendo has shut down any websites or users publicly sharing info, but a few people are still sharing on less permanent places on the internet. I’ve been following the leak closely (and, thus, have had trouble focusing on working on the comic), and therefore, have a lot of knowledge of the game ahead. I can’t post it (lest I get a Cease and Desist), but I can say, I am stoked. The starter’s final forms have leaked, and they are great. I personally don’t like the fire one, but I’ve never been partial to the Fire starters.

However, one piece of info that has been officially announced was the release of version exclusive forms of Mega Charizard. A lot of speculation was toward each starter having two forms. However, the leaks have revealed this is not the case. Blastoise and Venusaur won’t have two Mega forms. As a result, I have issue with this. I was interested in getting X version, and picking Squirtle, because I’m on Team Water. However, with 2 Charizards, one available only in my version, I feel forced into picking it, because it will be that much harder to obtain the Megastone for 2 Charizards, as opposed to one. Not to mention, Mega Blastoise’s ability only allows for a VERY specific number of moves to get strength boosts, and therefore, isn’t as practical, whereas Mega Charizard X gains a boost to any attack that makes physical contact. I’m calling shenanigans, and trying to plan which I want. I would have loved a Mega Blastoise X too. Here is hoping they expand on Mega forms in Z version.

Anyway, I’m going to stop talking about pokémon and go. See you on Tuesday!