I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again:

I absolutely love Gary. He is hands down my favorite character in WuD. He’s just so ridiculous.

This week in my life, while helping my cousin clean his apartment in the city, I discovered my phone was broken. The screen stopped working. Well, I have never owned a smart phone before. The reason, besides the fact that I had a perfectly good dumb phone, was that despite my new media degree, I kind of was turned off by the idea of an “everything device” in my pocket. Mainly because, currently, my only source of internet is my laptop, which I can’t bring to parties, lunch with friends, or any other formal or social situation (well, social situations that DON’T include my friends, who pretty much just hang out on out laptops). I hate that guy who sits on his phone, silent, not interacting with people while idle. I’ve been that guy throughout high school prior to even having a cellphone—ever since college, I’ve become much more social, and absolutely hate being antisocial, despite a lingering tendency. I personally didn’t need or even want a device that essentially gives me an excuse to not talk to people.

Also, a lot of the time I talk out of my ass, and smartphones make it easier for others to realize that.

Anyway, seeing as how I need my phone, my father and I went out and bought me an iPhone 5C yesterday.

I like it. It’s kind of underwhelming, though. Maybe my cynicism toward smartphones is keeping me from becoming obsessed with it. I’m already getting used to typing on it, and it’s kind of nifty. I’ve started making ringtones for my friends via Garageband.

Other than that, I guess nothing else is up. Pokémon spoilers hit their peak a few days ago. I’m excited, none the less.

I’m going to be at New York Comic Convention on Thursday (couldn’t get a 3-day pass) walking the floor. If you see a guy in glasses, a jew-fro, and a goatee, shout “Kyhan” or “Glenn” or something. If he turns like a terrified gopher, that’s likely me. Or an actual gopher… That would be weird.

Anyway, I’ve got to get to work on 2-18 so I can keep my buffer through the con. See you all on Friday!