Oh man, so much has happened in the last few days, I have no idea where to start! For simplicity’s sake, I’m just going to go in chronological order.

Last Tuesday, while you were enjoying the antics of Will and Gary, I took a very important phone call with a man named Francis Bitonti (henceforth referred to as Frank). Frank was a professor of mine at SUNY Purchase a few years ago for a 3D modelling and printing course. Well, he’s been doing very well for himself lately, and I emailed him wondering if I could help him out with anything he was working on. Apparently I had left a good impression on him, because we talked business on Tuesday. Long story short, I am now interning for him, primarily helping him with his website.

Next, feeling confident of myself, I contacted the creator of the first webcomic I’d ever read, Bizarre Uprising (Warning: NSFW content), thanked him for everything he’s done in getting me into webcomics (and making WuD a reality), and linking him to the site. Well, after some back-and-forth between him and his webcomic pals (he worked on 2 projects, including the other co-creators in on our chat), he gave WuD a thumbs up, a bump, and now (I think) they’re among the readers. Razlo, Gil, Yuji, if you are reading this, it is an honor to have gone from reader of your work, to creator of work you read.

I kind of slacked off on Wednesday, and started watching my Aunt’s cat for the weekend. Not much to talk about there.

Anyway, last night, I attended New York Comic Con (I only had a Thursday ticket because they sold out super fast). Among the con-swag I paid all of my money for, I met a lot of cool people, and gave out the link for WuD to a bunch of them.

One fine fellow was a fellow comic creator who did not know how to go about developing a web presence. I gave him my link, contact information, and wrote down some WordPress/Comicpress info for him. Friend, if you are reading this, I forgot your name, however, please leave a comment with some way for me to get back to you. I’ll help you get started with WordPress and figure things out. I hope to read your comics in the future.

Finally, the second I entered the con, I made a B-Line for the Rooster Teeth booth, hoping to get some information on how to market myself when applying to them. Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross(Writers of Season 11 of RvB and RWBY on Roosterteeth) actually got MY attention. Their answer to my question was along the lines of, “what you’re doing [with Waking Up Dead] is perfect. Stick with it, and just keep making content.” Miles, if you are reading this, thank you for the kind words.

Finally, among the con-swag I obtained, I managed to get my hands on a Con Exclusive Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Scouter replica. I waited on line for what seemed like forever to get it. I’m actually wearing it right now (it even makes sounds!). Dragon Ball Z is what got be into anime, and subsequently comic creation, so the second I saw these, I had to have them.

I was worried for a second when waiting, because as I got on line, I watched as one ass-hat stuffed about 7 of them in a giant bag—obviously to sell on ebay. I seriously dislike people who do this. Back before Dead Space 3 came out, the Dev Team Edition was announced in January. I was about to get one for my birthday, but they sold out almost immediately. However, the masochist I am, I checked ebay, only to find half of the 1000 unit production already being sold. The things hadn’t even shipped to the original buyers, and these people were already selling them. That kind of thing really grinds my gears.

Anyway, that was about everything that happened. I ought to get to work on page 2-18 tonight—I’m behind on workflow. However, I’m worried; Pokémon X&Y comes out on Saturday (I’ll be getting X). I’m hoping that doesn’t distract me too much, as I have to work on a page, go over Frank’s website for him, and do work for an online class I’m taking, all by Monday. Shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll see you all on Tuesday. Stay classy!