Alright, first off, I’d like everyone to know that there may be some scheduled downtime this weekend. I need to migrate the site to another hosting account, which means the site may be offline for a couple of hours. I’m thinking I’ll devote Sunday to this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Other than that, things have died down a little since Tuesday. I’ve been trying to catch up with comics, as I’ve lost a lot of my buffer since Comic Con. I’m currently working some overtime to get an extra page done this week.

I had a job interview yesterday for a retail position, and applied to another today.

I’ve been looking at websites for Frank, and thinking of some design ideas. I’m excited to go into the studio for the first time on Tuesday.

Pok√©mon is going well. I’m taking the game a little slowly. A few of my friends have already beaten it.

Well, I’ll see you on Tuesday. Hopefully something catastrophic doesn’t happen while migrating hosting. I’ll keep you posted via the Facebook and Twitter.