Alright, I actually looked it up, and yes, Assaulting a police officer is in-fact a class B Felony, which means Waking Up Dead has commit its first felony… I think…

So, if you had been following the Twitter account and Facebook page yesterday, I spent the day moving the site to a different hosting account. Because Dreamhost is as it is, there was no way to automatically transfer. The process required me to backup both the site content via FTP, and the database for phpMyAdmin, erase both from the old host account, then re-install wordpress and replace some of the new files with the old ones.

If you had been following, you’ve probably have seen my hilarious struggle and quasi-freakout when it didn’t work (via twitter). From 2:30-5, I had to completely erased, and re-installed wordpress about 3 separate times before it finally took, and I’d contacted Dreamhosting support about 6 times. With everything finished, the site looks as though nothing changed! Isn’t web development fun, guys?!

Anyway, Frank had to cancel on me for Tuesday, so we’re moving our meeting to today (Friday). I really needed the day off, and I managed to sketch out two pages of WuD that night. On Wednesday, I began work at a store that shall not be named as of yet. Just let me explain that they Import their goods, and are the First Pier of their kind. Anyway, I’ve never really shopped there in the past, but I enjoyed it for all that it was. It’s a retail job, so it’s mostly straightforward. The most interesting factor of the job I’d have to say would be dealing with the candles. It is required for us to recognize the smells, and be able to describe them to customers. I’m good at selling things, and was raised by artists, so I found it easy to describe scents in a way that would assist customers to their needs. It’s an odd thing to think about, but interesting none-the-less.

So, Today I’m going into Brooklyn to the studio, and after that, I’m going to head over to SUNY Purchase. My friends have been begging me to visit for a while, and with the whole breakup thing, now seems like a great time to be around friends. Luckily, I don’t have any work this weekend, so as long as I leave Sunday night, I’ll be golden.

Well, I’m going to get some sleep before I have to go into the city. I’ll have to wake up early.