Originally, pages 23 and 24 were a part of one single page, however, I felt as though this needed its own page. It is a very dramatic 3 panels…

So, earlier this week, I made a reddit account in order to try and advertise for WuD a little more easily. Perhaps this might have been a mistake, as now I’m kind of dawdling when I should be working on the comic. Anyway, if you are visiting from the Reddit link I have no doubt posted around midnight, WELCOME TO WAKING UP DEAD! The comic’s fun, I swear.

As far as life goes, not much is going on. Frank is going to Paris to show off some of his work, and so I won’t be meeting with him Tuesday. However, I am going to go into the studio later today to finish some stuff before he leaves. The Lawyer we met with mentioned signing NDAs on Tuesday, so I may need to tiptoe around what I can say here in the future. However, as far as it stands, I don’t know anything important except admin passwords.

Not much else is now in the realm of my life, exceeeept…

POLAR BEAR CLUB IS COMING TO TOWN! After I finish up with Frank, I’m going to head over to The Studio at Webster Hall to see Polar Bear Club (I’ve talked extensively about them in the past), Citizen, Sainthood Reps and Diamond Youth. Now, before yesterday, I didn’t know any of the other bands playing, but I managed to give them a listen. I am loving Citizen and Sainthood Reps, and really want to get their albums when I see them. I always like buying hard copies and getting them signed. Anyway, I’m really excited. If anyone else is going to be there (which is unlikely), shout something about Waking Up Dead, and I will give you a hug or something. I love meeting new people, and never really have at shows before. Doors open at 6, and tickets are a $12 steal.

Now, PBC played a show last night on Long Island (closer to me) with Taking Back Sunday, but I’ve never really been into TBS… and more importantly, the show was over $30, and therefore out of my price range. I’m a poor post-grad college student. Now, maybe if you donated a bit to us by clicking the “Buy Me Dinner” button above the blog, I could afford the fancy shows, but for now, I’ll settle for the smaller ones I hold so dear.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys on Tuesday. Peace!