Welp, here it is, the epic conclusion to Morbid Mile Run! Can our unfortunate protagonist get to work on time? Probably not at all, but find out—in a week because Tuesday’s update is the cover of:

Issue 3 – Grave Sense of Normalcy! I’ll post some more details on Issue 3 next week, but I’m super excited. If you’re not interested in the cover art, I’d say hold out until Friday before coming back, when we’ll jump into the next actual comic page.

So, I can’t write much, as I’m currently leeching internet off of a friend at SUNY Purchase. I’m visit because my friend is playing a show tomorrow night, and I’ve been really looking forward to seeing his band, The One Handed Bandits (buy his EP), play. I’ll have to be back home tomorrow night, but it’s still an excuse to see my friends.

I’ve got to go. My friends are getting bored, and want to exchange music. My buddy Jake actually just awkwardly leaned over me and typed “hi, thiis is jake.” See, Man, I found a way to incorporate that into the blogpost.

See you all on Tuesday, or next Friday if you don’t care for cover art.