Failure is nothing really new to Will. However, his failure putting someone else’s life at risk is.

Now, some of you may be wondering: Glenn/Kyhan, why is the page so late?

The answer, which may surprise you, is that like everyone else born in the 1990’s, I downloaded Pokémon Go.

Now, I’ll admit, I was one of the first people to say the app/game would suck, and honestly, I was not wrong. People were losing their minds when the first trailer dropped, with its unrealistic simulations of what the game would be like. Being a realist, I immediately pointed out that it would be nothing like that. The game is literally just staring at your phone while you walk, playing a fruit-ninja knockoff to catch pokémon, has almost none of the actual fun features of Pokémon, and features some of the laziest excuses of a battle system for Gyms.

But I can’t stop playing it, and even just spent 6 hours driving all over Long Island in search for different Pokémon, and encountering dozens of other people doing the same. And therein lies its success: it’s addictive, and forms a sense of comradery with strangers.

Tonight at 11pm, I was walking through a Wendy’s parking lot, and had someone from a car shout to me, “Yo, there’s a Seel around here!”
At 12:30am I was walking along a beach, and multiple people approached me, asking if I had found any good Pokémon.
At 2:30am, I sat under a gazebo across from a Panera in a town I’ve never been with, and discussed good hotspots to go to with people I’d never met before while waiting for a Lure to expire.

At 4am, I was leaving Eisenhauer Park, having caught a bunch of Pokémon and hit an insane number of Pokéstops.

The app is something amazing, and I’ve never seen something like it before (game-wise, it’s just Ingress, but I’m talking about the social phenomenon socially here).

In other news, I sadly did not place in the Nerf Mod contest I worked so hard on. While a little bummed out, I appreciate the contest for what it was, and had a blast talking to the other contestants and modders who had participated on the livestream on Friday. While I didn’t appear on the stream, I did chat with Make Test Battle before/after she show, and a bunch of other modders for hours, and had a blast doing so, so that alone made the contest worth entering.

Finally, this weekend I’m going to be visiting Arizona to make some preparations before the move in August. I’m really excited—Zach and I have been counting down the days, and making plans for the weekend.

That’s all for now. I’ll see you all next Tuesday. Catch ’em all in the meantime.