Hey, all, so I just got back from Arizona, so I’m a little out of it, so I’ll update you all on how the trip went later today.

[Edit 10:22am:]

So, as I mentioned before, I spent the past few days in Arizona, to be introduced to the area, buy essentials, and get a few things in order.

It was amazing. It just felt so right.

On Thursday I got in around 9am AZ time. Zach and Lizy took me to their favorite place for Fried Cicken, Cane’s. I have to say, it was fantastic. After checking out the apartment for a bit, Zach and I went out and bought everything I would need from Target—toiletries, sheets, a comforter, some clothes, towels, etc. Everything came out to around $250, but I happened to have a bunch of store credit, so it came out to less than $150.

After that, I bought the ultimate adult item: a mattress. We went to a clearance outlet, and I only ended up spending about $240 for the thing, and it’s super comfortable.

I met one of Zach’s friends, Jay, and we all went out for Whataburger, which I’d never had before, on the way to play boardgames. Zach, Jay, and I ended the night with a late-night swim in the pool at the apartment complex.

On Friday, Zach and I just hung out ourselves, mostly going about town and hunting Pokémon in Pokémon Go. We managed to stop by the store I’ll be transferring to, and meet with my soon-to-be manager. Everything with the transfer will be fine, and I may even be working at multiple stores in the area. After sundown, Zach and I found the perfect spot for farming Pokéstops: the Glendale Library, where we would walk a circuit around the building. After that, we grabbed Sonic (again, I’d never been before) and called it a night.

On Saturday, I filled out the paperwork to be put on the lease. So far, everything had been so surreal; this wasn’t a vacation, it was to be my life going forward. After a quick lunch of leftovers and some netflix, people started to come over for the Housewarming/Welcoming boardgame party with Zach’s friends. I instantly got along with mostly everyone present, and we even ran out on a Pokémon hunt. I honestly forget which we were chasing, but we ended up not even finding it, but instead, swarming a nearby Gym and holding it for over a day.

Finally, Sunday was kind of low-key. Zach and I went out to the library and its surrounding park (the park closes at sundown and we couldn’t go previously) and walked around for a bit. Previous days had been insanely hot and sunny, but for the first time in my visit, the temperature was sub 100 F, and overcast. By the end of the night, we had converted Lizy to Go.

I spent all yesterday traveling, as despite only being a 5 hour flight, due to timezones I lost 3 hours during travel.

With everything above in mind, I can’t wait to actually move out there.

I’ll see you lovely people next Tuesday.