Yes, folks, the bar is called the Wall, and run by a man named Brick. I had considered calling the bar “Hole in the Wall” but I feel like that pushed the joke a bit more, and I feel like “Brick in the Wall” is a better combination than “Brick in the Hole in the Wall.”

Brick’s one of those characters I’ve had planned for a while, and whilst his role isn’t very large overall, his appearances are meant to stand out and be really fun.

So, I’m a little behind on the 30/30 challenge. I currently have 3 pages completed in 4 days. Not bad, but I definitely need to increase my output a bit more. Hopefully I can get some more work done tomorrow and Saturday to push myself ahead.

Honestly, while I love making comics, the process is extremely tedious and pretty damn boring. One page can take from 4-6 hours and requires a lot of focus. I often watch Let’s Plays on Youtube or listen to Podcasts to help me work faster, but getting multiple pages completed in a day is a real feat.

Anywho, you can keep following the twitter for updates on my 30/30 challenge. I’ll see you all on Tuesday with the next page.