Vampires are overrated.

[Edit, 2:30am)
Haha, look at that—one week of pre-uploaded comics and I’ve already forgotten to write the blog posts.

Anyway, so after a really stressful week, I’ve given up on the 30/30 challenge. It was just too much, and I was beginning to physically suffer from it—this comic is something I absolutely love, and I don’t want it to be a source of stress, lest I be deterred from keeping with it. One of these days, I should make a proper video showing my process and the amount of time it takes to make a single comic page, from start to finish. Seriously, if you saw it, you’d understand why I wasn’t able to finish the challenge (I’m sure any other comic artists would be able to back me up on this). The sad truth is that, while I love doing this, sadly, I don’t get paid for it. In-fact, I put in my own money each year into keeping the site up and running. Maybe if I didn’t have to worry about my day job I’d have an easier time, but when I’m balancing working retail, and maintaining a relationship on top of working on the comic for free, sadly, it can’t get the amount of love I wish I could give it.

In the end though, I guess I won’t be rewarding myself with an Xbox One at the end of this month. I think I’ll start slowly saving up for it, and buy one closer to the Holiday season. Regardless of all of this, I am hoping to output 3 pages a week, just so I can maintain (and expand upon) the buffer I’ve built. After almost year scrambling to rebuild the buffer I lost, I really need to tread carefully this time around.

Beyond that, not much else is new. I basically spent all week trying to output one page a day, and failing at it, so I don’t have much to talk about here. As always, I’ll let you know if anything interesting comes up.

See you all on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!