With this page comes our first true retcon. From now on, Will’s eyes glowing and no shading demonstrates Reaper Mode. Previously, Will’s eyes glowed when he had his hood up, simply as a means of having him look cool. From now on, the glow and loss of shading means he is appearing in Reaper Form, and thus, is invisible to most people.

Now, I seriously can’t stand people who act like Mr. D-Unit up there, and only included such a character in my comic in order to emphasize that.

Now, as of today, things are still up in the air as per what I mentioned briefly on Tuesday. It’s pretty crappy, but I’m currently unaware of what my financial situation is going to be in the near future.

Somewhat related, though, on Monday morning I received my 3-Day pass for New York Comic Con, and realized how urgently I need to work on my Comic Con project. I spent some time in Photoshop, and talked with a friend about pricing, and I’m going to get either 500 or 1000 Vinyl stickers of the WuD logo (and webaddress) printed. I’ll be wearing a T-shirt with the logo on the back and “Free Stickers” on the front. I gather that there are plenty of people who will see that I’m giving something away for free (see Con Swag), so I have my fingers crossed. Doing this, however, has some pros and cons:

-I can hand these out to strangers to expand my audience.
-I can hand these to other webcomic artists to get my name out to them, and possibly cross-advertise with them.
-I can pair this with my business card for networking purposes.
-I have awesome stickers for my own comic!

-ALL of this is coming directly out of my pocket with absolutely no financial gain.
-There absolutely is no guarantee of success.

So, to me, the Pros outweigh the cons, with the final Pro being too cool to pass up. Right now, I’m waiting on a price, but I’m looking to buy these in the next few days. I have yet to work on the shirt, however.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Tuesday with more Waking Up Dead!