To be honest, I am actually quite fond of suits. I once went a full week only wearing a three-piece suit for a social experiment project in college. I look back fondly on the experience, and it actually helped me break a few major habits I’d had at the time (biting my fingers, for example).

Well, this week was pretty stressful financially speaking. On Monday as I went to work, I found out that I had a flat tire, which ended up costing three times as much as I expected to replace. As of late, things haven’t been fantastic in my household, so this situation only added upon already high tensions. Add on the $40 needed to fill up my tank, and this was more money than I’d have liked to spend in one week.

Next, I finally purchased the shirt and stickers for New York Comic Con. I opted to only get 500 stickers. Everything ended up being pretty expensive, so I really hope this works out from an advertising standpoint. I’ll be pretty upset if I don’t hand out most of the stickers. Fingers crossed that everything works out, and that I get all of my stuff before Comic Con.

Well, that about does it for now. I’ll see you all on Tuesday. Take care!