It only took 8 pages, but we’ve finally begun to reach some semblance of a plot. Huzzah!

Anywho, so I had an interesting weekend with purchasing the Stickers for Comic Con. Long story short, the stickers should arrive on October 7th, just in time for NYCC on the 10-12th.

However, when I wrote that I purchased them last week, I purchased everything from (note that I’m not linking them here), and in the order details wrote the deadline. I awoke on Friday to a message that said, sadly, they were unable to make such a deadline. I promptly cancelled my order and started, frantically, looking for an alternative service.

A friend had previously pointed me toward (note the link this time!), and I checked with them. The first thing I noticed is that they guarantee a 5 day turnaround (assuming proofs are approved within 48 hours). I tweaked the design, and sent it off to be printed. The messaged me with concerns of my design, which I managed to work out with them within the day, and I approved the proofs on Sunday.

What I also noticed was that Stickermule didn’t charge me until the proofs were approved, and opened up a chat with concerns before allowing me to approve said proof. Not to mention, Stickermule offers rush delivery (I almost chose that) in case you waited until the absolute last minute. Meanwhile, Sticker Robot, for all the great services they provide, didn’t communicate with me at all until after charging me, offered no time limit, and no options of delivery—if it came to shipping, I’d have willingly paid extra, but there were no options; they only offer free economy shipping.

In the end, Stickermule cost me $30 less than Sticker Robot did, and Sticker Robot had to refund me after cancelling my order. Now, if time constraints are not a concern, I would try Sticker Robot, as they offer a lot of options Stickermule doesn’t, and they seem to put a lot of care and work into their production. However, Stickermule gave me a much better customer service experience, offered more information and options for the turnaround time, and ended up costing a lot less—and most of all, didn’t charge me until all of the kinks were worked out of the order. THAT, I really respect.

My only issue is now, I am still waiting on my refund of $236 from Sticker Robot, meaning so far I’ve spent $442 on 500 stickers that I’m giving away for free.

Anyway, you know after all of this that I’ll be using Stickermule again in the future for any future WuD decorative-adhesive purposes.

I’ll see you all on Friday. Cheers!