I really feel like I need to apologize for the late update. Through a combination of lack of sleep, chemical depression, and reasonable/situational depression, I just couldn’t bring myself to work on it. BUT, you should know me enough by now that I will be damned if I don’t update with 2 pages a week.

It actually does work out a bit, in that I can complete my review of Stickermule. The stickers arrived today, and holy crap are they beautiful. They are better than I could have possibly hoped—to the point where the one on my computer is the highest quality sticker on my laptop. As such, I have a small ad at the bottom of the site now advertising their services, and if you sign up, you get $10 credit to your order, as do I.

Also, the tee-shirt arrived, and it looks great as well. I am seriously proud of myself and the effort I put into everything. I set aside 50 stickers for my own, personal use (and to give to close friends), so I have 450 left to give out at NYCC. I sincerely hope I can give them all out.

If you would like to see everything, I posted pictures of the stickers to the Facebook, and will add some more, as well as the shirt.

In other news, I managed to snag a copy of the new Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 3DS. I. Love. This. Game. Smash Bros has been one of my favorite game series since the Gamecube (the N64 one was good, but I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I feel like I should have, despite the countless hours spent in it). There was a point where I went years without being beaten as Marth in the Melee. However, I never owned a Wii, so I was only able to keep playing through friends. Let me tell you, it’s really good to have it back. I missed being able to play by myself and unlock new things. At this point, the only unlockable character I’m missing is ROB.

Personally, my favorite new aspect has to be the move customization. I think it’s pretty awesome that two people could play the same character, and have completely different play-styles based on their selected moveset (for instance, in Brawl, I was partial to Lucas, and in the new game, his moveset is accessible to Ness through custom moves). HOWEVER, I hate the idea of equipment. It ends up becoming a Gear v.s. Skill situation. I proposed to my friends that we should all use custom movesets with no equipment, as skill will always prevail over move selection, while the differing stats given from equipment might throw off that balance.

Anyway, I’m going to be at New York Comic Con this Friday through Sunday, so if you are there and see me, feel free to wave me down or shout at me. I respond to “Glenn,” “Justice,” and/or “Kyhan” (pronounced “Kai-hagn”). I’d love to meet some of my readers that I don’t know personally.

See you all on Friday and/or at NYCC!