This is a joke I’ve been sitting on for over a year now. Seriously, I love the idea of Mark and Terry taking Stranger to a Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

This, also, is a reference to the song, “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” by the world renowned musical artists known as Das Racist. surprisingly, I know none of their other songs…

Anyway, I was thinking of a good song to include in this page, and I decided upon Rise Against’s “Life Less Frightening.” Apologies if the text isn’t completely legible on the comic—while awesome, it isn’t necessarily that important.

RA used to be my favorite band back in High School. I still really love RA, but ever since Sufferer and the Witness, their music began to have more of a means to deliver messages about social change, as opposed to being personal anthems on life that I can relate to. While still awesome, I don’t know—I miss the personal songs like Swing Life Away, and Heaven Knows, as opposed to songs like Hero of War and Make it Stop (September’s Children). Seriously though, check out Siren Song of the Counter Culture and Revolutions per Minute if you have never heard Rise Against. They’re some of my favorite albums of all time. Also, they released a new album, The Black Market, in July that I have yet to listen to, so check that out too.

Speaking of Music, I tried to give Gerard Way’s latest album a listen. I’ll try my best to be respectful here, because I really don’t want to bash something publicly. See, I used to like My Chemical Romance back in High School as well (I actually saw RA and MCR at Nassau Colosseum once), but I really lost interest in them after the album Danger Days. Basically, their sound changed so massively, and the depth and meaning behind their lyrics was so absent that eventually, I swore off of MCR until their breakup. In an effort to regain respect for Gerard Way and recapture that feeling of “this gets me” that I used to have for MCR in High School, I tried to give “Hesitant Alien” a listen.

I got 27:09/38:59 into the album before giving up. It just… It may have not been as bad as later MCR stuff, but it certainly wasn’t good. I just… *sigh*

Hopefully Gerard Way is still a good comic writer (I love The Umbrella Academy, but Way hasn’t released any in years), because I am looking forward to Edge of Spider-Verse #5, SP//dr, and really hope that is better than his music. Also, I’d really like the Spider-Verse arc to stay as good as it’s been, because the buildup’s been fantastic.

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now. I’ll see you all on Tuesday!