Sorry this one doesn’t have a song. I couldn’t think of anything fitting.

If you can’t tell, I have been reading a lot of Spider-Man lately. I’m currently up to date on Amazing and the Spider-Verse lead-up. I was looking, and I noticed something odd about the collected editions: The Superior Spider-Man Volume 3 Hardcover doesn’t come out until March, and ~2 months before the Spider-Verse Hardcover collection. I just find it weird, since Superior will have almost been finished for a year at that point, whereas the Spider-Verse event only ends in February. I checked, and it’s not because of Superior 32 and 33, which only exist as a tie-in for Spider-Verse, because those aren’t in the Superior Hardcover… Regardless, I’ve pre-ordered both on Amazon, since they don’t charge you until it ships.

Anywho, still chippin’ away at Dark Souls II. I’m on the final stretch of the main game (considering getting the DLC next week).