My brother had a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese once. My mother described it as a nightmare.

So, the page would have been up on time, but I’ve been feeling really ill as of Thursday night. I might have gotten a bad burger or something, because pretty much everything dropped right after eating at a popular fast food chain.

Well, I’m excited for today—ever since the Extra Life stream, RTNY has been talking about going to Karaoke in the city, and tomorrow is the day. I’ll probably tell you guys all about that on Tuesday.

As for my running review of the Spider-Verse event, the last issue was somewhat uneventful. Whereas I expected plot development, they released a series of vignettes introducing more Spider-man realities. A good read, but very out there.

I’m starting to feel a bit ill again, so I’m going to go. I’ll see you all on Tuesday.