Yes, you eagle-eyed nineties kids—this is a Freakazoid reference.

Anyway, I’m sorry about the late update everyone. This week has been hell—and the upcoming one is going to be even worse. I’m going to try my best to avoid a missed update during it, though. I’m just glad I’m not in a chemical slump anymore, so that’s a plus.

SO, not much is new. I’ve been enjoying my Xbox One lately, and following Black Friday deals like a madman.

Back to my ongoing Spider-Verse review, they finally revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #10 who the Last Stand Spider-Man was. I was correct in guessing that it wasn’t Peter, but I was still surprised at who it was, as well as what happened. I’m excited to see what happens now that the two Spider-Armies have joined forces. It looks like Superior is going to butt heads with the others for control, and that will be awesome. Also, there was a specific point where the story diverged into the various spin-offs that are happening with the event. My only criticism is that I wish it had been more premeditated by the characters—the clones simply just ran off saying, “Don’t worry, we’ve got this!” Regardless, I’m excited to read Scarlet Spiders #1 next week.

I also picked up Spider-Woman #1, which was surprisingly good. I’ve never really been a fan of Spider-Woman—she’s always come off as a little generic to me. Hopefully the series keeps up the tone, otherwise I might drop off of it after Spider-Verse ends. My biggest concern was that Silk was far more interesting than Jessica Drew, and they have already announced that Silk will have her own series after the event.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. I’m going to play some games before work, then I’ll see you all on Tuesday. Peace!