Confession: I came up with the code 3-14 on the spot. It doesn’t actually stand for anything… Except maybe Pi…

See? This is how that last page ties into everything else. Admittedly, they were a means to check off the “pass the Bechdel test” requirement of each issue, but it also allows for more elaboration on Sasha and Lauren’s characters.

SO, this week has been a very eventful one. The status quo of my life has kind of taken a whirl yet again.

On Monday, my friend Steve, who I had been planning to live with for the past few years (once he graduated college) informed me that he got a job upstate, and would be moving to Troy, NY. This completely throws a wrench into any plans I had with him, and producing web content in the future. Steve is an actor, and the idea of living with him was enticing in that we would be able to film short comedy videos with the hopes of putting them up on Youtube. Now, with the exception of my moving up there as well, this isn’t going to happen. I mean, it is a real possibility that I could move upstate as well, but I need to do me right now, and he needs to do him. I might just have to look for a different roommate/partner in crime.

Speaking of me doing me, I have some very sad news to announce. Jessica and I have split ways. This was my decision (she did not take it well, sadly). I don’t really want to go into the details here, but suffice to say that, as time went on, I was not happy with the state of the relationship, despite there being no actual issues. Jessica is a wonderful young woman, and I sincerely hope she can find someone who makes her happy, who she makes happy as well. Sadly, this person cannot be me.

All things considered though, I am in a good place. Sure, everything I had planned for the next few months has kind of gone up in flames, but I can’t say I’m not hopeful for the future. I have decided that, maybe, I’m not ready for a serious romantic relationship at this point in my life, and I think I have to start focusing on making myself happy with myself, my life, and on my own.

For now, I’m throwing myself into Waking Up Dead. I’m going to devote some more time to work on the series. Additionally, I’m going to put a little more time into looking for a job, and a place to live. More time into my social life. I’m thinking I want to start working out and getting into shape.

Well, for now, I think that’s everything worth talking about. I’ll see you all on Tuesday, folks.