If it’s not clear, in this page, Lauren is breaking the 4th wall, not speaking to Sasha. I just thought that might need to be pointed out, so no one is confused.

So, sorry about missing Friday’s update. No, this is not me falling into another rutt, it’s a one-time thing. I wasn’t feeling well Friday or Saturday. A combination of actual illness and maybe some under-medicated behavior.

Well, in meatspace news, I got a new job! I’m yet to actually start, but I will be a Porter (stock runner) for some places in an Airport! Right now I just am waiting on the background check and then will have to jump through a few security hoops, but it pays better than my current job, and it’s full-time. I mean, it’s no Rooster Teeth Production Artist job, but it’s a stepping stone, and it’s enough to move out in the near future.

Hopefully the change doesn’t affect my comic production.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Friday. Have a good one!