It’s 5:50am when writing this. I have to be up early today. I will write a blog post later.

[Edit: 3:00pm]

Terry is out as cold as the delicious milk Mark is going to enjoy later that night.

Anyway, I’m really sorry about the missed weekend update. I don’t actually have some excuse or anything. Man, making a comic is hard sometimes. Combine that with chemical imbalances of the brain, and good luck.

I’ll try to shoot for more on-time updates. I really hate it when I update late, believe it or not.

I just got back from orientation at my prospective new job (technically I am an employee, but I can’t work yet), and I’m excited. The company seems pretty good, I get a decent discount on meals when I’m on my break (and only when I’m on my break), and it’s pretty straightforward. I just hope the hiring process is almost over, as I’ve technically had this job for about a month and been in “Hiring Limbo” due to all of the security I need to go through. It’s not a bad thing, though, as I’ve already gotten a feel for the commute.

On Sunday, one of my best friends is moving to Arizona. I’ve been friends with the guy for about 11 years, making him the longest running friend I have, and we’ve been close for about 7 of those years. Knowing that he’s leaving my life, possibly for good, is a pretty big deal. I mean I spent just about every day with the guy two Summers ago. I’m excited to see where he goes in life, and wish him the best of luck with his ventures in Grad School, but I have a pit in my stomach.

My friends are starting to leave and move on with their lives. Paige, Steve, now Zach, and by summer’s end, his girlfriend Lizy, another close friend of mine. Looking at my life, and where I am, I can’t help but feel like I’m not moving forward fast enough. I’m hoping this job is a step towards this direction, but for now, I feel left behind. Hopefully this feeling will pass.

Anyway, I’ll see you all this weekend. Have a great week, and keep moving forward.